Schedule Winter 2023/2024

Friday, 13th October, 15:00 CET

Students’ presentations:

  • Yiwei Wang (ETH): Emotion detection from eye tracking and physiological signals for travel experience logging
  • Lin Che (ETH): Personalized Pedestrian Route Recommendation Based on Implicit Visual Preference

Friday, 10th November, 15:00 CET

  • Valentin Foucher (UULM): Fixations and Pupil Size as Indicators of Deceptive Intentions

Friday, 8th December, 15:00 CET

  • Chuhan Jiao (USTUTT): SUPREYES: SUPer Resolution for EYES Using Implicit Neural Representation Learning

Friday, 19th January, 15:00 CET

  • Mehtap Cakir (UULM): Interpersonal Eyeblink Synchronization in Dyadic Interaction
  • Merve Ekin (SWPS): Real-Time Prediction of Cognitive Load in the Learning Situations

Friday, 9th February, 15:00 CET

  • Hasnain Ali Shah (UEF): Detection of Alzheimer's and Mild Cognitive Impairment using Gaze and Audio Features
  • David Kovacs (ITU): Securing the Gaze: Privacy and Security in Eye Tracking Data

Friday, 8th March, 15:00 CET

  • Filippo Baldisserotto (SWPS): Dynamics of ambient/focal visual attention in novice heavy machine operators. A heavy-machinery simulator and eye-tracking study

Schedule Summer 2023

Friday, 5th May, 14:30 CEST

Juraj Podroužek, Matúš Mesarčík: Introduction to AI Ethics and Trustworthy AI

Friday, 12th May, 14:30 CEST

Anke Huckauf: Functions of Gaze

Friday, 26th May, 14:30 CEST

Dan Witzner Hansen: Introduction to machine learning (continued) - Abstract

Friday, 9th June, 14:30 CEST

Presentations from Doctoral Candidates:

  • Santiago de Leon-Martinez (KInIT): Understanding User Behavior in Carousel Recommendation Systems for Click Modeling and Learning to Rank (current research)
  • Hasnain Ali Shah (UEF): A Brief Review on Eye Tracking for Early Detection and Diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease (current research)

Friday, 23rd June, 14:30 CEST

Presentations from Doctoral Candidates:

  • Merve Ekin (SWPS): Saccadic eye movements in individuals at ultra high risk for psyhosis and bipolar disorder (master's thesis)
  • Filippo Baldisserotto (SWPS): A Review of Eye Tracking in Advanced Driving Assistance Systems (current research)
  • Mehtap Cakir (UULM): Sustained Mutual Gaze in Dyadic Interaction (current research)